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"God used beautiful mathmatics in creating the world."

      - Paul Dirac


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Updated: October 2, 2015

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First in Math

First In Math is a free online resources that Mann Magnet provides to all of its students. If you can access the internet on a device such as a computer, cell phone, or tablet, you are able to access this wonderful resource. The students would log on as follows:

First In Math

  • ID = student id number (lunch)
  • Password = the letter "s" followed by the student id number

African American Mathematician Profile

Mathematician Elbert CoxElbert Frank Cox was born in Evansville, Indiana, in December 1895. He earned the baccalaureate degree from the University of Indiana in 1917 with a major in mathematics. After serving in the US Army in France during World War I, he returned to pursue a career in teaching. In 1925 he was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in mathematics from Cornell and thus, he is the first known Black to receive the Ph.D. in Mathematics in the United States; in fact, in the world. Elbert Cox married Beulah P. Kaufman, an elementary school teacher, on September 14, 1927. They had three sons, James, Eugene, and Elbert. After a brief illness, Cox died at Cafritz Memorial Hospital on November 28, 1969. In 1980, the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) honored Cox with the inauguration of the Cox-Talbot Address which is given annually at NAM's National Meeting.

Math Department Overview

The Mathematics Department a Mann Magnet is committed to inspiring a sense of joy and confidence in mathematics. We view math as an art form. While exploring the power and beauty of mathematical systems, we develop thoughtful and precise reasoning in all of our demostudents.
Our teachers pursue deep and compelling questions, challenging our students in their most creative and ambitious moments, while at the same time providing instruction in fundamental principles and algorithms. They lead investigations of number, shape, and pattern, urging students to pose questions, and to communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing. They foster an atmosphere of experimental fervor, encouraging students to make conjectures, to generalize results, and to verify and prove their hypotheses whenever possible. Students and teachers develop a comfortable dialogue, and there is also ongoing dialogue among math teachers in which ideas and materials are openly exchanged.

In the Horace Mann Mathematics Department, informal investigations of number, shape, and pattern precede formal manipulations and codification. We begin with a more thorough investigation of the real continuum and apply it to the art of measurement. The concept of base-ten place value is extended to the right of the decimal point and we move to the left of zero on the number line to explore the world of negative numbers. The difference between rational and irrational numbers is explored. We examine the concept of a ratio and scaling with respect to similar figures, percents, maps, or architectural drawings, encouraging all of our students to set up equivalent fractions and to think proportionally. Variables are introduced and students begin to model word problems algebraically. They are asked at this point to begin to express generalizations and verify conjectures in abstract form.

Throughout the entire Middle School, we explore topics in logic, number theory, set theory, algebra, geometry, and modular or other-base arithmetic. Our students intuitively explore the concepts of unknowns and balance long before they are introduced to the algebraic laws of equality. They compose and defend logical and geometric arguments long before they are ever asked to perform a formal proof in Geometry



Math & Science Night

Math and Science Night is October 9th!

Department Staff


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Other Duties

Diane Ross 6th Room 420  
Linda Lance 6th Room 419  
Paula Harris 6th Room 421 Math-a-thon Sponsor
Amista Sutton 7th Room 416 Drill Team Coach
Joyce McSwain 7th Room 413  
Charles Moore 8th Room 405 Chess Club Sponser
Kasey Eller N/A Room 120 Math Facilitator
Krystal Duckery 8th Room 408 Testing Coordinator
Tina Blanks 8th Room 407 Girls Club Sponsor


Updated: October 2, 2015




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